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Make A Quiz

For Education, Business Training, tests and quizzes are often used to active the class atmosphere or review the lessons. How to make an easy quiz? Make A Quiz helps to make your own quiz for free. Make A Quiz offers many question types, including true or false, multiple choice, fill in the black, matching etc. It also allows adding an image or audio, video to make a free fun quiz for a troublesome topic or lessons.

Make A Quiz provides you with 5 publishing options. You are free to make an online quiz; Upload the published Flash quiz to the web; Generate a SCORM quiz package for LMS; Produce stand-alone EXE file for CD; Export to Word or Excel files for paper-based testing.

After upload the tests online, Make a Quiz offers several tracking ways for results managements, such as Email Tracking, LMS Tracking etc.






How to make a quiz?


After launch the program, create a quiz and chose the question types for your need.

Question types for creating a quiz
True or False, Multiple Choice (Single Answer), Multiple Response (Multiple Answers),
Fill in the Blank, Matching, Sequence, Word Bank, Click Map, Short Essay

Question types for creating a survey
Likert Scale, Yes/No, Pick One, Pick Many, Shot Answer, Matching, Ranking, Which Word, and Essay

With the powerful editing features, you can easily insert text, images, equations, hyperlinks and edit fonts in the question in the text field. And you can insert some hidden note as the extra instruction for this question.

 Besides, you can insert images, audio and video files. Insert audio - You can record a sound clip, import an audio file or even convert the text to speech for your question. Insert video - you can insert an FLV or SWF file to the question.


You may provide some interactive feedback to quiz takers when they answer the question. Select feedback type from the drop-down list in the feedback group.

  • None: No feedback to the quiz taker, after the answer is submitted.

  • By Question: The feedback is based on whether the question is answered correct or not.

  • By Answer: The feedback is based on the single choice of the answers. Quiz takers select different choices and get different feedback.

Make A Quiz has powerful and flexible settings including the instruction page, passing rate, font and feedback you can set for the whole quiz. What’s more, you can  randomize the questions, and make the quiz with protected password or domain hosting limit.


 There are plenty of delicate player templates. You can go to Player Template to choose an appropriate one that fits your quiz topic. If you want to customize your own quiz player, you can alter background, toolbar, player size, label and layout to create your individual player.


All the questions and players have been done. You can publish the quiz. There are several options for you to choose.

Publish quizzes Online: QuizCreator Online will collect the results and generate detailed reports for the quizzes.

Upload the published Flash quizzes to Web: In this way, you can collect results with a specified email.

Generate SCORM quiz package for LMS: Integrate SCORM/AICC quiz package with any LMS like Moodle, BlackBoard, SharePoint or WebCT (Not available for QuizCreator Free).

Produce a stand-alone EXE for CD delivery.

Export as Word or Excel file for paper-based testing.



Main Functions


Efficient Quiz Creation

You are free to choose from 18 question types, including Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Likert Scale & Short Essay.

Attract the attention with adding images, videos audio - including voice-over, text-to-speech, etc.

Insert math and science symbols with the equation editor to create quizzes for Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

Flexible Quiz Settings

Security settings: Set Access Control with password and pre-set accounts to allow the access of only authorized quiz takers. Protect your quizzes with domain hosting limitation.

Randomization: Shuffle questions and answers in different orders to prevent quiz takers from cheating.

Negative points: Set negative points for questions if quiz takers do not give the right answers.

Branching: Branch quiz takers to different questions based on their responses to the previous questions

Pre-set and Customizable Players

The prepared templates for you to choose and the option for you to customize personerlized player by alter the font sizes, Colors, Backgrounds, Sounds and Player Size for better displaying.

5 Options to Output quiz

Publish Flash quizzes to QMS (Quiz Management System).

Upload the published Flash quiz to Web.

Generate SCORM quiz package for LMS

Produce stand-alone EXE for CD delivery

Export as Word or Excel files for paper-based testing

Result Tracking and Reporting

Email Tracking: Send quiz results to your specified E-mail address automatically

LMS Tracking: Integrate SCORM/AICC quiz package with any LMS like Moodle, BlackBoard, SharePoint or WebCT

QMS Tracking: Online reporting system for QuizCreator that helps users track results without expensive LMS or setting up new reporting systems. It offers convenient administration features and provides insightful reports for quizzes, answers, scores, quiz takers, etc.


System Requirements


Supported OS: Windows 7/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Available Disk Space: 20MB for program installation, 512MB or above for videos

RAM: 128MB for basic, 256MB recommended

Video Card: Windows-compatible display with at least 800dpi x 600dpi resolution

Video Formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, SWF

 Other Requirements

Windows-compatible sound card is required for sound scheme play back

Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or above (this is necessary for previewing flash movie)